Many Bourbonnais motorists only think of the exhaust systems in their vehicles when taking emissions tests. Comprised of a catalytic converter, an exhaust manifold, a muffler, tailpipe, and a resonator, this system is designed to route dangerous gases away from the vehicle's engine, and to seamlessly deliver it into the outside environment. At Phillips Chevrolet Hyundai of Bradley, we're dedicated to helping drivers identify harmful exhaust leaks.

Why Finding And Addressing Exhaust Leaks Is So Important

The dangerous gases being guided away from the engine by your car's exhaust are largely both odorless and colorless. More importantly, whenever a leak exists, there is always the potential of having these gases enter the vehicle cabin. Prolonged exposure can cause serious illness and may even be fatal.

How To Know If Your Exhaust System Has A Leak

?Pay careful attention to any loud popping or hissing noises coming from this system. This is especially important at the tailpipe. High-pitched whistling here could indicate high levels of back-pressure and a fast-developing problem. You should additionally be mindful of any new vibrations felt at the steering wheel or across the seat and foot pedals. More often than not, this is a sign of rust and rust-related exhaust issues. To have your exhaust professionally inspected and serviced, come by Phillips Chevrolet Hyundai of Bradley today.


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