The Hyundai Santa Fe XL Has Much to Offer

The Hyundai Santa Fe is now the Hyundai Santa Fe XL. It's still a great SUV that provides copious interior room and great traction control. This vehicle is technologically updated. The Santa Fe XL is equipped with numerous safety, driver's assistance, and comfort features.

The designers at Hyundai wanted you to be comfortable when you are inside the Santa Fe XL. With that in mind, the Santa Fe XL offers heated and ventilated seats. Ventilated seats provide cooling in the hot summer months, and heated seats add extra warmth when the snow is blowing outside.

The Hyundai Santa Fe XL is an extremely safe vehicle to drive. One feature that adds to a safe driving experience is bending lights. When you turn a corner with the Santa Fe XL, the lights turn with the steering wheel. This provides better illumination so that you can clearly see where you are turning.



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