Tailgating Essentials: Getting Prepared Ahead of Time is Key

Getting ready to tailgate can take effort the first few times, so we have some tips to help everything go smoothly. Staying organized and setting aside time prior to game day will help your tailgating event be memorable.

Chop and slice vegetables and fruit and place in airtight containers. You can also prep meat to go right on the grill. Separate coolers for items to be grilled, snack food and drinks make it easy for guests to know which cooler they should be getting into. You can also use labels.

Plastic drawers or a toolbox can help you keep all of your tailgating essentials organized for game days. Once you've created the drawers the way you want them, they are easy to keep that way when you clean-up or prep for the next event. Don't forget your clean-up essentials!

If you'd like more information about tailgating, bring your truck into our dealership to get it serviced, and we'd be glad to assist you when you are in the area.



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