Importance of Maintaining Your Engine’s Cooling System

The coolant in your vehicle’s radiator helps keep your engine from overheating. An engine that’s too hot can’t be driven without significant car damage. Avoid expensive engine repair with periodic maintenance.

Radiator antifreeze contains water. The fluid also contains coolant to keep it from boiling or freezing. Since the running temperature of an engine can reach 20,000 degrees, the radiator also takes in outside air to keep the water cool. Radiator hoses carry this fluid to the engine and back to the radiator.

Coolant levels need to be checked regularly. Fluid leaks must be sealed. Low fluid has to be topped off. Perhaps every 24,000 to 30,000 miles, an auto mechanic should flush antifreeze from your vehicle to get rid of rust and other contaminants.

Bring your vehicle to the Chevrolet service bays at Phillips Auto Group of Bradley so we can evaluate the state of your engine cooling system.

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