The Hyundai Kona's Safety Features

Hyundai's popular small SUV, the Kona, seeks to dominate the compact SUV market, offering drivers a wealth of advantages in its compact package. You won't have to sacrifice style, agility, performance or fuel efficiency, and you can still enjoy all the perks that make owning a Hyundai a smart choice, like their extended warranties and commitment to safety.

Hyundai is the only car company that integrates steel production into its vehicle manufacturing, producing the steel that goes into the body of its vehicles. This allows Hyundai to customize its steel to work perfectly with its engineering, and also allows the company to assure that the quality of its components meets Hyundai standards.

Hyundai uses a hot-stamping method that produces steel which is lightweight and very strong. This is integrated into the new Hyundai Kona's vehicle shell design for added strength. The design also allows for dispersion of impact force throughout the vehicle, keeping the driver safer in the event of a collision.



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