Back Up Safely in the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado

Navigating tight parking spots is a breeze in the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado. This sought-after mid-sized truck is equipped with a useful rear vision camera that gives you a clear view of your surroundings.

The camera is a standard feature on all Colorado trim levels. It's mounted on the back of the truck. It turns on automatically each time you put the truck in reverse. When initiated, the picture is displayed on the built-in infotainment screen. Distance markers are placed over the image so that you can get a better idea of how far away the truck is from obstacles. As you move the steering wheel, the distance markers will adjust and show you the potential path of the truck as you let off the brakes.

Give the rear vision camera a shot for yourself by taking the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado on a test drive. We invite you to visit our showroom today.



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