How Can You Avoid Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning usually occurs during bad weather when there is an overabundance of water on the road. When the level of water exceeds the ability of tires to scatter the fluid, hydroplaning occurs, and the driver loses control of the vehicle.

You can avoid hydroplaning with a few simple maintenance tasks and alerts. Worn tires have less ability to scatter water. The tread designed to move water from beneath a tire is not as deep, making water channeling a challenge. Replace worn tires before the rainy season. Drive slower in the rain; driving faster does not allow your tires to channel or scatter the water. Do not engage your cruise control in the rain; hydroplaning slows your vehicle, and your cruise control will demand more power from the engine, exacerbating the hydroplaning problem.

Com to our auto maintenance facility in Bourbonnais, IL before the rainy season to have your tires checked.

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